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Drain Rodding
Common technique used to clear basic blockage with steel rods.

High Pressure Jetting
Powerful water jets which strip deposits from pipes, flush out debris and restore flow.

Electro-Mechanically Cleaning
Flexible steel cables fitted with blades and cutters quickly cut through debris, tree roots and other deposits, restoring flow.

Drainage Maintenance Programmes
These programmes are developed to spare respective clients the inconvenience of blockages, unpleasant odours, or health hazards. Maintenance contracts are a cost effective method of ensuring that your drains remain as clean as your reputation.

A maintenance contract is drain and pipe cleaning on a regular basis, which helps to avoid blockages that can result in damage to property or stock, the potential health risk from flooding, the obvious inconvenience and, of course, unbudgeted expenditure.

The idea is to keep the system flowing freely, so avoiding the problems associated with blockages and reduce flow. All pipework is different, the frequency and type of service depends on the amount of use the system gets. The substance being discharged. size of building and type and size of pipework are all contributing factors to the effectiveness of the system.

Whats the next step?

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CCTV Surveys

Camera used to take a closer look inside pipes, drains and sewers. High quality colour pictures and graphical reports.

CCTV surveys can be considered when

  •  Intending to purchase a property
  •  You have constant problems with your drains
  •  To find cause and nature of problem

Highly trained staff using the latest state of the art technology.


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